Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s the little things that count?” I have found this not only to be true in life but also in business.

Recently I had four people try to name all 50 states in 6 minutes. The thing I noticed is that people forgot about the smaller states (Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, etc) I found this ironic because a lot of these were the first states that were organized and the first ones we learn about in school (the 13 colonies) And yet, these smaller ones are the ones that slip out the mind the most. Often times when people are starting a franchise, they have the big stuff in mind, but they forget about the little things that are important and effective too.

When starting a franchise, often times the little, important details are forgotten. Things like “Who am I going to hire for this position? When will I officially be open? How many years can I see myself doing this?”

Remember that the little things are just as important as the big things in franchises.


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