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Lead generation isn’t a new way of getting new customers and business. However, in today’s technology-driven world, it now has  new advances. Yes, you could spend hours setting up a business display hoping that customers will come to you and complete a form. You could also spend thousands of dollars at a trade show. Or you can have leads generated and sent to your business using the wide variety of internet technology that is available.

When starting your own business, one of the most important revenue bringing items are leads, leads and more leads!  But those leads don’t just come out of thin air, they come from people looking at your website, Googling your business, PPC ads and so on. Think about walking into your office on an early Monday morning. The weekend is over, you’re tired from not being able to sleep in and just have a case of those Monday blues. You turn on your computer, check your email and then BAM! You find 15 hot, new leads in your inbox! Suddenly your Monday just got a whole lot better!

I bet you’re thinking “How does this lead generation thing work?” There are companies that are committed to providing qualified leads to your business. They can work with you personally to develop a business website, and create a partnership with other websites that can promote and advertise your service. These companies can also do other services such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization- Designed  to drive traffic to your website and ultimately increase the leads you receive.
  • Local Business Listing- Shares your business on local maps and Google places. Some companies provide a complete setup and maintenance of your Google Places listing.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)- With PPC, your local business will show up as a sponsored search result in major search engines online.

If you are noticing your business calendar is a little empty, lead generation is a powerful way to grow your business quickly, increase your ROI and ultimately get you more customers.

Remember in school how you could have big plans for the weekend but then the teacher gives you a paper to write that is due on Monday? I am sure at some point in time most of us have been tempted to skip a homework assignment to go out and do something that was genuinely more exciting than sitting around doing repetitive reading and writing.

Opening a new franchise business can be compared to that teacher and the class can be compared to regular, 9-5 job.  During normal working hours, you can study page after page for advice and tips on what to do, but once “class” is over, that is where your homework begins. The difference is that now, blowing off your homework could potentially cost you money, not just grades.

When opening a franchise business, it’s important to do your homework so you know what exactly you are getting into and how to solve problems that may come up.  Do the research! Decisions that are made when you first start out can affect the long-term results of your business. According to, some decisions to consider include:

Know Your Franchisor- Study them. Learn their background, ask what their five and 10 year plans are and find out if their short, and long term goals agree with yours.

Financing- Understand your financial commitments. Ask yourself questions like: “How long can I stay in debt? What are my expectations for Return On Investment? What sales tactics can I use to reach these expectations?”

Location and Lease Negotiation- Do your homework. Have a professional look at your lease.  Look at the demographics for successful locations in the brand and try to duplicate that in your own search.

Don’t overburden yourself by doing too much homework for your franchise business at once.  Remember, your teacher didn’t give you all the tests, midterms and finals in the same day! Spread it out and take time to learn the material.

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