Utah 100 PictureThis year, Chad Jones and I had the opportunity to attend the Utah 100 awards ceremony at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. The room was packed. There were probably around 500 people there. 130 of the companies were there that were winners of some kind, including Five Star Painting. The Utah 100 honors the 100 fastest growing companies in all of Utah. At the ceremony, we learned we placed 33rd among the top 100 fastest growing businesses. We could not be more pleased and proud.  We have won some awards in the past but have never before placed in the Utah 100. There are many great companies who placed this year and we are so excited to be numbered among them.

This award is validation for all the work and effort we’ve put into the business over the last six years. It is a nice pat on the back – encouragement that we are moving in the right direction. Utah CEO Magazine published the combine revenues and growth rates of Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies:


It is no surprise that Utah businesses have felt the effects of the economic recession. While Five Star Painting has definitely felt those effects, we have still managed to have an increase in revenue over the last three years, which is the reverse effect from what has been felt by the collective 100 fastest growing Utah companies. More territorial growth helps us to stabilize revenue and diversify risk. Especially considering our recent expansion and growth in Brazil and other locations internationally, we’re looking at maintaining that same pace, and we could not be more pleased.

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