I am across this article which proves a great point. By using “because“, you drastically boost your odds of getting what you want. You can bother people all you want with your best words; but to really influence people, they want the real reasons why you want what you want. Unfortunately, they will see right through you if you’re lying. So why does the word “because” work.

Here are some business examples to get you on the right path:

  • “I want to meet with you because I feel I can boost your sales.”
  • “I want to interview you because I admire your passion for your business.”
  • “I want to negotiate the price further because my business’s sales have hit a quarterly slump.”
  • “I want you to finish the work by tomorrow because I’ll need to pitch it to the Boss.”

Here are some dating examples to get what you want:

  • “I want to date you because I feel we have a lot of things in common.”
  • “I want you to pay for dinner because I have no money.”
  • “I want you to drive because I can’t afford gas.”

Target your words for the results that you want. Clear communication requires clarity within yourself before you can be clear with anyone else. Remember to use the word “because” next time you really want something.

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