I am not a hater. For about one year I have watched my friends and family one by one buy an iPhone, which is definitely one of the coolest phones out there, but I held on to my blackberry as tightly as I could refusing to make the switch. I find this somewhat interesting, as I have always been more on the early adopter phase kind of guy in the product life cycle than a laggard.

I held out that if I could just wait a little while longer, the technology would be better, more apps would be available and so on. Truth be told, I just wanted to wait for my contract to expire with Sprint. When the Nexus One was announced I reached the tipping point. I gave in, ate the contract cancellation charge and bought the Nexus One.


After having owned it for about one month here are the top five things I love about it and the top five things I hate about it.


  1. The number one thing has got to be the voice integration in everything that the nexus does. And the voice recognition technology continues to surprise me at its ability to get what I am saying right the first time.
  2. I love widgets. LinkedIn, Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, Google Calendar all sit on my screen fully functional and up to date.
  3. Combining my Facebook contacts with my address book is pretty cool. Its nice to see faces in there without having to take pictures of everyone
  4. Speed. I am a speed demon, and I love how fast the device surfs the web, opens applications and runs in general. It is faster in most cases than my laptop.
  5. Google Voice Integration. It is easy to use and switch on and off
  6. Screen resolution is amazing! (I know I said five things, but I can’t help but add one more)


  1. I can’t stand having to charge my phone in the middle of the day. I don’t know what someone hasn’t figured this out yet, but if they can put a man on the moon, why can’t they get a cell phone to last a few days. By the way, this is something I loved about my Blackberry, I could go 2 days with no charge on my pearl, but the Nexus needs to be plugged in often. Could be that I am a heavy user, but isn’t that who they should be making these phones for
  2. Crashes. My Nexus One has crashed on my several times. I have been told that it is due to the open source philosophy and apps I am downloading, but if the iPhone can do it then so should the nexus
  3. T-Mobile data speeds sucks. It says I have 3G but it feels like dial up. Fortunately I use the phone a lot at home, or the office to surf, but when traveling it gets really annoying.
  4. I can’t open the battery case up easily. I know this sounds stupid, but when you call tech support and they ask for the EIN number I sat there for about two minutes trying to get it open
  5. The nexus ones use the micro SD card. Cool idea, it would be nice to have a 32G card installed at purchase instead of the standard 4GB and then upgrade. It seems inefficient.

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