I have been coaching soccer now for about five years. I started with our oldest boy and have continued on with the program in the spring and fall. I would have to say that I look forward to soccer more than the boys do. There is something about bringing together a team and working towards a goal. Seeing progress at practice and on the field is very rewarding. Regardless of the players, a good team will out play and win a poor team with a few superstars.

What does soccer have to do with running a painting company?

  1. Practice. Just today I spent a few hours with one of our newest franchisees as we went through the business, preparing forecasts, and committing to certain tactics that are proven to work in the field. This is an exercise every business owner should engage in regularly. It is the art of visualizing a business on a spreadsheet that gives you the foundation to go out and execute. To keep your COGS (cost of goods sold) in line. To ask for the close and keep your close ratio to projections.
  2. Teams win. In the service industry you need your team to work like a well oiled machine. Our sales center offers the backstop support for our strikers. They are confident that if they are working hard at trying to put the ball in the net. Understanding that their back is covered to make sure every call that comes in is serviced, and sent back to them to score. In today’s environment, your team is everyone on the field with you, and off the field cheering for you. Involving your significant-other or advisors in your success and failures gives you perspective and encouragement to get out there and make it happen.
  3. Don’t run around like a chicken with your head cut off. In the service industry this is especially relevant. You can waste valuable energy trying to run that ball up and down the field when the pass would have gotten it there twice as fast. In business, you need to be able to delegate, pass the buck, and involve others in your success.

One of the most rewarding parts of business is in the perfect execution of a sale from the moment the opportunity presents itself, all the way through production and payment. It takes practice working like a team and efficient use of your resources to pull it off.

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