As a kid, have you ever watched Yogi Bear or maybe even seen it on YouTube? How many times have you watched Yogi Bear running away from Mr. Ranger Sir on his bike with his picnic basket, and that huge grin on his face. At that moment Yogi Bear is the happiest bear on earth. He has outsmarted the local authorities and is off with the goodies, then the tree branch comes into view. I think if we could talk to Yogi Bear and warn him of the impending danger, none of us would. Why? Because we want Yogi Bear to get close lined and return the basket to the rightful owner.

What does this have to do with business or franchising? Too much.

Business can be difficult, but sometimes, every so often it can be easy. Just ask America from 2005-2007. Everyone seemed to be making loads of money without much effort, and then we got close lined. My experience has been that when the going gets easy, it’s time to get tough. Keep your eye on the horizon for those tree branches and work harder towards creating the kind of business that you can be proud of.

  1. Caralee Valdez Said,

    Too funny….but yet perfect! Thanks Scott

  2. admin Said,

    thanks Caralee. Glad to connect with you on Linkedin. All the best.

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